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From the Author. It was possible to me personally the nobility the last assistant of the sacred father- nowadays late nun Paul (before acceptance of last degree of a nunhood her name was Paraskeva'), which told to me about the sacred father Antonij much and has transferred me unique materials - lifetime filming with the story of the sacred father Antonij about itself and some documents. Last years of my live I lived and worked on a monastery together with her. On motives of this narration I have created a drama solo performance « the Ascention to the Noj's Ark » which has been staged in the Municipal Drama theatre The city of Istra near Moscow in 2007. My symphony №1 also have a program, and I used its fragments of music for registration of this performance. Dear readers! I ask all of you to express the opinion in occasion of this book and to direct your comments and letters to the address of: With deep respect. Liudmila Knyazeva

Вы приобретаете произведение напрямую у автора. Без наценок и комиссий магазина. Данная Витрина является персональным магазином автора. Подробнее...

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The Ascent