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In English. This is a heterogeneous material about: the Open Letter, Bulgarian misery, Bulgarian barbarity, social propositions, better usage of Latin alphabet, explanation of some addressings, etymological questions, self-advertising, some poetry in English, Russian, and Bulgarian.

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Ivancho Jotata. Hellow - Mellow+, 2017 A Presentation Of Jotata
(Why he publishes in Bulgarian, what was in that Open Letter,
about Bulgaria, about the author, how you can use him, et cetera)
© Ivancho Jotata, 2017

     This article is in English and is quite heterogeneous. It has to fulfill the following: to explain why I used this site and what was in the mysterious Open Letter in Bulgarian, to give you some non-standard information about the country and the author, then to make you acquainted with one idea for using of Latin alphabet for writing of all world languages, together with some peculiar examples, and to hint how the author can be used by you, at the end is also a bit of poetry in English and in Russian.

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H E L L O W - M E L L O W++

A Presentation

of  Ivancho JOTATA,   Sofia,  2017


     [ The idea for illustration is in placing of one picture in a frame under the title and the author, which has to be square and probably 450 x 450 pixels (because I use usually 525 x 725 for the cover and then multiply by 3, when necessary). The picture is painted and shows a … T-shirt with written on it in up and down arcs (building nearly a circle), "Ivancho" + "Jotata" (or "JOTATA"), in printed letters, or in some other style (it depends on the illustrator), and in the middle of this circle is shown an ink pot with stuck in it feather; plus this there have to be ribbons with Bulgarian tricolour, white, green, red, around the neck, both short sleeves, and the waist. The colour of the shirt can be light yellow, or blue, or green, etc, but there can also be one such open shirt to the left, and to the right to be shown a stack of folded t-shirts (i.e. coloured strips) in several different colours (and even a price tag above saying, e.g., 2.99). This is the whole idea. ]

0. Introduction

     This article is quite heterogeneous, but I don't like to write short things, they are always related one issue with some other, and I don't intend to increase the number of my works under this new and episodically chosen pseudonym. The material has to fulfill several purposes, namely: to explain why I decided to "pollute" your site with this strange Bulgarian language, to give a possibly brief summary of what was in the mysterious Open Letter, to provide the readers on this site with some non-standard information about Bulgaria, to tell you something about the very author, then to make you acquainted with one my idea for using of Latin alphabet for sufficiently good writing of all world languages, to use it as example for to tell you something about several popular addressings of people from etymological and that of the hidden ideas behind the words point, to propose how the author can be used from the readers of this site or others, to self-advertise, too, and to publish a bit of poetry in English. There is a contents below, so that you may choose what seems interesting for you in the moment and skip the left (yet the things are related, don't forget this).


1. Why I use this site for publications in Bulgarian?

     Well, the simplest answer is: because I can't publish it in Bulgaria! The letter was sent to more than a dozen official instances (I will give the email addresses below) like: our Parliament, the Presidency, the pension institution, the leading political parties, some leading newspapers, also a pair of TVs, and some churches, in the end of February (21 Feb 2017) but for about 5 weeks happened ... nothing! Id est I was simply silenced because raise unpleasant questions, but this, for umpteenth time proves our ... barbarity, of course, for in this fashion the questions will never be solved, and this is not the way in which people, especially official instances, in civilized countries, behave! The list follows:

, , , ;
, , , @ , , ;
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, , ; , ;
, , .

     If you try to ask them what happened with some letter from by some Jotata (and read how it is written, like also Johan), they can say that: either have not received it, or that can not answer each letter, especially such enormously big, or that they don't deal with anonymous persons, or something else, what is not to the point, naturally. Our people just don't like critique, no matter that it is well-meant, and especially don't like to be called barbarians (because this is widely spread meaning and all in Bulgaria are well aware about it), what does not change the fact that we are such! Yet we also are not bad barbarians, we harm nobody except ourselves! Although it can be say in reverse order, that we are not bad people but are barbarians -- what you prefer. I personally think that it is better to say first the bad thing and then the mitigating one. What I mean by "not bad" is that we, hmm, are so disorganized that will never succeed to unite ourselves to invade other nations, but also don't want, we are pretty small nation -- just about one promille of the world population, 7.4 mln. -- so that we endanger nobody, but such well organized countries like, say, Germany, or USA, etc., have posed often problems for their neighbours and for the entire world. So that it depend how one looks at the things, and I suppose that in the current days more important is to be disunited and barbaric then vice versa, think about this! And, generally, I carry in my head for about 5 or more years the idea about writing a paper dedicated to Bulgarian barbarism and what is here good and what bad, but still can't find time for this (in the recent years I spend much time in translation of my works to foreign languages, like Russian & English, and intend to come also to German for some of my books). But if I will write this booklet it will begin with some cumulative proofs that we are barbarians, in what sense, with many comparisons with other countries, with some historical facts, and will end it with, so to say, a glorification of the barbarism! Because that is how it is, such intelligent and well endowed genetically barbarians like us is almost impossible to find throughout the world, we are, in a way, endangered with extinction nation.
     But enough panegyrics (or v.v.) of our barbarism, the point is that I was simply forced to search for literary cites abroad to post on a pair of places this letter, because it is exceedingly important (the very fact that our authorities don't want to pay whatever attention to it proves that it is so important -- because we are a country of paradoxes and nothing by us is like in the normal countries). For one thing it isn't quite correct to invade so foreign sites, but for another thing I act for mutual advantage, I allow the people in foreign countries to have some direct information about the situation in Bulgaria, and in their own language, because people understanding Bulgarian have to exist everywhere, for example in Italy they have to be not less than, say, 50 thousand persons, I suppose. So that why not to use some foreign site, like Italian, where you, if we exclude the fact that have ... stolen our national banner, are very brave people (yet as to the banner it may as well be on the contrary, because our tricolor is from about 1870, and your is supposedly older).

2. What is in the Open Letter to Bulgarian Public?

     In the mysterious Letter in unknown for the wide majority of Italian public Bulgarian language are many related problems, like: pensioner curiosities in Bulgaria, propositions for solving of them, advices to the pensioners, a meaning about our social policy and the fight with poverty and misery, again propositions for bettering of the situation, how to better our image before the world, a meaning about the end of world capitalism, and other themes. And from anonymous writer, Ivancho Jotata, who is a literary hero and whose name is proverbial for a person from the public, yet this time behind him hides an ancestral intelligent, former research assistant, with two and a half tertiary educations, and a quarter of century unemployed, now pensioner. To retell everything is too tedious and also not necessary for the reason that there are many specific moments in it, but I will cite some patches from it in order to give you general idea about it.


And on this place parts with you the so called

     J_aded by the years am I now,
     O_nly still can come I to perfection.
     T_his is 'cause to decompose know how
     A_ll the things in easily done sections.
     T_roubºles with the sex have, though, for, wow,
     A_ny year have by ... half erection.

     Easter 2017