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Il Communionismo

(A Treatise About New Kind Of Communes)

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This is a paper about one of my many ideas for bettering of the society, namely for building of /voluntarily chosen families/, by the simple reason that the families came down from historical scene but they are necessary, we are social animals, some kind of communes are always needed.

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Il Communionismo


Il Communionismo
(A Treatise About New Kind Of Communes)

by   Ivancho JOTATA,   Sofia,  2018


(A Treatise About New Kind Of Communes)

By Ivancho Jotata, known also as Ochnavi Atatoj, Ivan Bugarow, Jotabash Giaurgi, Nostradamus Buladamus, and other cloning names

     [ Remark: I wanted so much to write this material in Italian, because they are believers, Catholics, and not deny the communism, and my idea is a blend of communism and communion of communes and so on, but, regretfully, my Italian, even with the help of computerized translators, is not so good at the moment for to write something in it. Maybe after a pair of years, if I will live long enough. ]

     Abstract: This is a paper about one of my many ideas for bettering of the society, namely for building of voluntarily chosen families, by the simple reason that the families came down from historical scene but they are necessary, we are social animals, some kind of communes are always needed. So that I begin firstly with the motivation of this process, and what will happen if we will not realize this idea. Then I explain it in rough strokes, then come to other, higher, levels of communization, then to the changes in our social life that will appear with the introduction of this idea as collateral effects, then to some discussion (here with myself) about the need or religions and how they have to look in the age of space flights and cell phones. But if you are convinced anti-communist you better skip this paper.

0. Introduction

     There are some necessary processes in every historical moment, which, if will not arise smoothly, with centralized measures, will … arise again, yet with more bloodshed and social disturbances. I am not sucking this from my fingers, there were similar moments in the ancient times when the social orders changed, when religions were accepted or not, when the democracy was introduced, or the abolishment of serfdom or slavery, or the present days communization of social life, or the appearing of emancipation, and so on. They far away from always happen peacefully, or by reasonable arguments, yet they happen and in many cases is taken not the right decision (like with the emancipation, leading to swiftly disappearing of the families), so that some profound thinking is necessary, and because I have no other occupation in my old years, except to think about the silly people, I often make propositions; they are not followed by the masses, but the social processes are very slow and I have not "Pisistratuses"-tyrants backing me. Yet the point is that if I will not express them somebody else will do this and why should I lose the palm of the championship, right? So that let me tell my story and leave you to ignore or reject it.
     Now, I am a convinced defender of the thesis that the intelligent person has to contradict, as much as possible, to the commonly accepted truths and beliefs, or to question them, because the masses tend to stick to one of the opposite poles and the truth is not on the poles but somewhere in the middle, and the more capable is bound to do this because if this begin to do the (silly) masses they never choose a peaceful solution, they like actions & thrillers. And, as you already see, I like to give long explanations, but this is because I usually don't think like the masses and if I will not explain myself they just don't understand me. (To give as example, that I state that morality has to be preached yet not out of moral motives, but from the standpoint of reason, that the moral is reasonable, not morale, and do this sometimes under my usual pseudonym, but the people just don't accept this approach.) I tell this in the beginning with the intention that if some reader does not like long explanations then he better exits faster from this material, because I am afraid that it will turn to be long.
     So that, after more profound motivation of the necessity to do what I propose, i.e. to built a new kind of families or communes or patrons or the like, I will show how, not at all difficultly, it will be to build such non-profit organizations, which will substitute the missing (patriarchal) families, somewhere after the age of 12. This will be met with a wish by the young children, as well also by the old people, who will want to leave something behind themselves (I know this by personal feelings), because one is usually not very glad with his (ah, well, surely also her) own offsprings (because they rarely come in his steps, they prefer to follow their inner inclinations). These communes I call (here) Phylas or Comphylas, where the basic element is to pass whatever one owns to the posterity, like according with the laws for members of the kin, i.e. this will be building of a new kinship, in the phylas. One will easily enter in them but leave them more difficultly, because it is not supposed that one will leave them, this will happen naturally with his demise.
     Then here will be explained that
     May, 2018

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