Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky

A fairytale

  • Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky | Yuri  Bukovski

    Yuri Bukovski Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky

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Once upon a time there was a Hedgehog — a cheerful and good-natured animal. But the needles that grew instead of fur were very depressing to him. And decided to Hedgehog become soft, fluffy, tailed. But what kind of animal he wanted to become, and what came out of it, the reader will know by reading this story.

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Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky

...The Fox crept up to the spiky ball and cautiously pawed it.

“Yahoo!” the Hedgehog yelled, springing up to prick the Fox.

The Fox shrieked and flinched back fretfully. But there was nothing she could do, so she loped away in a huff: nothing to eat here!

         The Hedgehog waited until she was safely out of sight, then unrolled. Soon he was basking and daydreaming in the sun again.

         “I wish I were fluffy and I wish I could meow and purr. Or maybe bark, catch balls on the fly, and wag my tail for joy. Then they would pet me and give me belly rubs. And the Fox wouldn’t dare try to eat me!”

         In a little while, the Hedgehog saw a Wolf skulking in the undergrowth...