The Napuk Party

(Manifesto, Program, Codex — In English)

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There are three papers about NAPUK party, in all of the provided languages, that go hand in hand, namely: the Manifesto, the Program, and the Codex; they are related, but are different, stressing on different sides of activity of this unique party, designed to better the democracy and capitalism, avoiding revolutions.

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The Napuk Party

 [ The idea for illustration is in placing of one picture in a frame under the title and the author, which has to be square and probably 450 x 450 pixels (because I use usually 525 x 725 for the cover and then multiply by 3, when necessary). The picture can be made as ink sketch in different colours, or as colour painting (probably the last is better), and it shows a flag carried horizontally (like on a sporting event), where the flag is green (or its borders, if this is a sketch), and in the middle of it is an orange circle (only its borders), where is shown the well known sign of the … fig, also in orange (where is good to elongate a bit the thumb in order to be well seen, when squeezed between the second and third fingers, not this to be taken for a fist); plus this the important element is that this flag is carried by 4 different kind of people, where they go from left to right in the front as black, white, and in the back as green, yellow! Excluding the green these people symbolize the 3 races, and the green one is meant as Martian (and can have also some kind of trunk for a nose (as if in spacesuit), what has to say, that this party is good for every country and planet. This is the idea, and the same picture is used for the variants in all languages. ]

 Common Contents


[ Here is explained what this party means, why it is so important and unique, which are the basic requirements of its policy, in economic and social aspects, and why it is a must for contemporary decaying capitalist society. ]

0. Introduction

1. Exploitation

2. Money

3. Allowances For Everybody

4. Social Prices

5. The Future

6. Conclusion


[ Here are explained in more details the economic moments of activities of this party, more precisely how this livelong allowances must be paid, also the maintaining of social prices for the social products, and other moments in the future. ]

0. Introduction

1. Lifelong Allowances

2. Social Ministry

3. Social Prices For Social Goods

4. Other Moments

5. Future

6. Conclusion


[ Here we are concerned chiefly with the moral image of NAPUK party followers, but also with the immorality on money and how to avoid it, with the social ruling, and with other related, or not exactly, questions, which is good to be mentioned somewhere. ]

0. Introduction

1. Moral Image of the NAPUK-ists

2. Ownership of the Means of Production

3. Bettering of the Ruling

4. Other Moments

5. The Future

6. Conclusion