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The Truth
The truth   Why a German journalist thinks he can teach a Chinese journalist how to think? Why can a billion whites think they know better – and teach that to the rest of the world, and teach it how to live? Why (and in what sense) they are better than a billion Chinese? Just because their two or three parties managed to better brainwash their populace than one Chinese party? Just because an unsatisfied mind is much easier locked up by a multi-party system? Well, a…
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Лара Фэнтези
01.05.2019 - 18:14:25
Караван историй
Караван историй – это увлекательные приключения, неожиданные встречи, странные герои и далекие миры. Приветствую тебя, читатель. Меня зовут Лара Фэнтези. Если тобою движет жажда приключений, и ты стремишься расширить горизонты непознанного,…
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